Martine and Peter Lusby
Morningstar Realty®, CAL DRE # 01851611

Our First Testimonial

15 years ago.  Not our first sale, but the first once we had mastered our craft and really learned how to give Good And Faithful Service.  We didn't yet have our own brokerage.


Handwritten testimonial - page 1

Handwritten Testimonial, page 2

A Nice Note From a Very Happy Trustee

What do you do, when you need to get an aging relative out of independent living, and into a residential facility?

Trustee testimonial

Kind Words From an Out-Of-State Executor

It's bad enough to lose your little sister, but when you have a church to care for, and your sister's estate is the other side of the country, life gets difficult.

Handling an out-of-state probate estate

When a Client Becomes a Friend

There is a 12 year back-story behind this, because the neighbors who recommended us had bought their home from us.  That's loyalty!

Clients who end up becoming friends.